How to build a Scarecrow

A body of straw, a flannel shirt
And a pair of jeans covered in dirt.
I stand for hours under the sun
And fight a war without a gun.

By Deborah Buckley

Ok it’s time to start thinking about your scarecrow for the scarecrow competition in the Annual Spring Festival. The scarecrows have to be out by the last week in August.

It is so easy to build a scarecrow out of anything you have lying around. To give it some movement try using plumbing pipes and chicken wire to have your scarecrow in the position that you want him to , as you can see in the picture below, by the use of elbows etc.You can them reuse the same base for years , just change the outer clothing.

The scarecrow competition is a great thing for the valley, it creates goodwill from the broader community, it is a free day out for families, it is fantastic for our elderly folk who come out in buses from their homes, they really enjoy it from the comfort of their seat in the bus.

I encourage everyone to participate, if you have problems thinking of a theme or inspiration, Google how to make a scarecrow and the world of scarecrows opens up.